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Hey guys, you might want to know about Shawn Mendes more and more about him. You can look into his facts that might you even do not know yet. Here they are!

Shawn is afraid that someday his fans will forget him.
Shawn used a new guitar when he first opened the 1989 World Tour.
Shawn can play piano and guitar.
Shawn’s favorite holiday is Halloween and Christmas.
Shawn appeared singing first in public when he was in one of the malls in Portugal, and the song he sang was Grenade – Bruno Mars.
Shawn described the band members of The Vamps as a group of ‘crazy gorillas’.
Shawn, Ed Sheeran, and Hoodie Allen once made songs about pizza while waiting for their pizza orders.
Before becoming a singer, Shawn said he wanted to be an actor.
Shawn was with Ansel Elgort at Taylor Swift’s birthday party in 2014 yesterday.
Shawn said he was the only person in his family who played a musical instrument.
His favorite Disney film is Tarzan.
Shawn also wrote a song with Scott Helman via Skype.
Shawn doesn’t like tomatoes; he said that tomatoes were not healthy and were not good for eating.
If Shawn can be any mythical creature, he wants to be a dragon.
Shawn really likes the Harry Potter movie series. He once met the director of the Harry Potter films in London, and he said he had a ‘fan girl’ moment at the time.
Shawn prefers Vine rather than YouTube.
Shawn prefers fries over pizza.
Shawn’s favorite smoothies are pineapple and blueberries.
Shawn said that most of the songs on his album he wrote in his fans’ notebooks.
Shawn School Pine Ridge Secondary School, and lives in Pickering, Ontario.
One of the things that Shawn likes about his job as a singer is that he can make his fans happy just by doing what he likes.
Shawn prefers to talk on the telephone rather than sending a message.
Shawn said it felt difficult if he appeared just in front of the camera, so he likes when there are fans there to reduce the feeling of awkwardness.
If he has super powers, he wants to have teleportation abilities.
Shawn thought watching the film would be more emotional if he watched it on the plane.
At Christmas 2014, Shawn told Snapchat on Twitter, his Snapchat name was Shawnmendes1
Shawn starts playing hockey at the age of 13.
Shawn likes animals, and hates beetles.
Shawn supports Gay Rights because he believes that ‘love is love’
His favorite pizza topping is pineapple.
As a child, his favorite TV program was “The Berenstain Bears”.
Shawn began learning guitar when he was 13; he taught himself by looking at the tutorial video on YouTube.
Shawn said he would date a fan.
Shawn became the opening act of Austin Mahone’s tour in 2014, and The 1989 World Tour was Taylor Swift.
The artist manager, Andrew Gertler, found Shawn online, and took him to Island Records.
Shawn has lazy-eye.
Shawn wants to be remembered as a legend, and wants to become a master in playing guitar.
Shawn believes in ghosts.
Shawn likes to make cereal before going to bed.
He is also allergic to mosquitoes.
According to Shawn, eating healthy food during the tour was difficult.
Shawn also said he likes Chinese food.
Shawn of Portuguese descent.

Shawn’s Twitter was verified on the day he signed a contract with Island Records.
When Shawn is on tour, he will miss his family, friends and bed.
Shawn used to be obsessed with Oreo, but now she’s obsessed with muffins.
Shawn doesn’t remember the first album he bought; between Hannah Montana or Shania Twain.
Shawn does not like to bring bodyguards with him while doing things that “ordinary people” do, unless necessary.
Shawn prefers New York than Los Angeles.
Shawn lost his wallet 10 times, and broke his cellphone screen 5 times.
Winning a Grammy is number 1 on his wish list.
His favorite foods are almonds and omelets.
Shawn’s first concert was on October 26, 2013.
Shawn says singing in front of people you don’t know is easier than singing in front of people you already know.
Time Magazine included the name Shawn Mendes in the list of the 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014 (25 of the most influential teens in 2014).
Shawn felt he wrote better song lyrics if written on paper, compared to typing it on a cellphone.
Shawn cried while watching the film “The Fault in Our Stars”.
Shawn says if he is a super hero he wants to be called Guitar-man.
His favorite TV series are “Lost” and “The 100”.
Shawn likes women who can dance, and can make Shawn smile.
Shawn admires Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, and John Mayer.
Shawn wants to be able to sing like the male version of Tori Kelly.
Shawn likes to feel awkward during a photo shoot.
Shawn has a pair of sandals that he uses only on the tour bus.
He also likes playing basketball, and hopes he is good at playing basketball.
The thing he will do after waking up is urinating.
Shawn hopes that everyone will have long hair in the future.
Shawn doesn’t like dessert too much, but if he is told to choose, he will choose chocolate cake as his favorite.
Shawn won’t want to do bungee jumping.
Shawn hates shopping for clothes because shopping will make her sweat.
Shawn has a younger sister named Aaliyah Mendes who is 5 years younger than Shawn.
Some of his fans had said rude things to Shawn because Shawn didn’t want to take pictures with them (maybe Shawn was tired at the time), and this incident made Shawn cry.
Shawn said she did not understand why the girls had to wear makeup. He said the girls were more beautiful without makeup.
Shawn sang for children in one of the children’s hospitals, and spent time with them.
Shawn had dreamed of someone trapping him and he was arrested.
Shawn also doesn’t like girls who have many tattoos.
His mother was born in England.
Shawn can use 3 languages: English, Spanish and French.
Shawn said he understood why Zayn Malik left One Direction.
Shawn gets around 5000-6000 followers on Twitter every day.
It took 20 minutes for Shawn to take a shower.
He doesn’t remember the last time he felt a ‘normal’ day (meaning the days he lived as an ordinary teenager)
Her mother, Karen, is a housing agent. While his father, Manuel Mendes, is a businessman.
His favorite color is green, but he says his favorite colors tend to change.
Shawn didn’t read much.
Shawn likes to use the bathroom first before she appears.
Shawn’s height was 6’2 or around 185-187 cm; Shawn thought that was enough and Shawn hoped he would not grow taller.
Shawn likes to play Boom Beach games on his iPad every night.
Shawn gets a pogo stick as a present and he does 1000 jumps.
Shawn did not want to go back in time to change something, because he believed that all of that happened for a reason.
Shawn thought it would be cool if he sang in other languages, like Spanish or Portuguese.
Handwritten albums reach number 1 on iTunes (in US and Canada) in less than 30 minutes.
Shawn doesn’t wear earrings anymore because she has sensitive ears.
The debut of his first album, Handwritten, which was released on April 14, 2015, sold 170 thousand copies in the first 7 weeks.
Shawn chose Aaliyah as a member of his favorite family, and he hoped to spend more time with Aaliyah.
Shawn likes to swim but he is afraid of the depth of water that is too deep.
After watching a few Shawn videos, Ed Sheeran immediately invited Shawn to Los Angeles to have dinner together.
His favorite Taylor Swift song is “Our Song”.
Shawn used to use braces, and she hated it.
Shawn’s dream as a child was to become an architect.

Shawn’s favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr.
Shawn’s sweater was stolen by one of his fans, because the fan was cold.
Shawn has a Jeep Wrangler.
Shawn will like it if he has a tattoo, but he doesn’t want to have a female name tattoo.
One of her favorite female singers is Jessie J.
Shawn doesn’t like junk food so much.
Shawn had 14 stitches on the back of his leg because he tried to jump over the guardrail.
A ‘perfect girl’ for her is a girl who is positive and has a good sense of humor.
Shawn’s Prom date is named Lauren.
Shawn feels more awkward when singing in front of 10 people than in front of thousands of people.
Shawn is not afraid of heights.
Shawn likes to play ice hockey and soccer at school.
Shawn says you can get his attention by saying something funny.
While doing a show in London, 600 tickets were sold out in just 1 minute.
Shawn gained popularity through the cover of his video which he uploaded on the Vine app since 2013 and got millions of views and followers in a matter of months.
If Shawn gets an offer to replace Zayn in One Direction, he won’t.
One of Shawn’s hobbies is longboarding.
His first EP, The Shawn Mendes EP, was released on July 28, 2014, and reached number 1 on iTunes in just 37 minutes.
Shawn really liked it when the fans gave him hugs when they met.
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on August 8, 1998, with the full name of Shawn Peter Raul Mendes.
Shawn said “I Don’t Even Know Your Name” is his favorite song on the Handwritten album.
Before signing a contract with Island Records, Shawn was a member of the MagCon Boys, along with other social media musicians and stars, such as Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, and Jack & Jack.
Shawn and his family have a cat named Jasmine who died on June 18 2015 at the age of 22 years.
His favorite ice cream taste is chocolate.
Shawn taught Camila Cabello (Fifth Harmony member) how to play the guitar.
Shawn got his first kiss when he was 14 years old.
Shawn can’t live without twitter, handphone, guitar, and his family.
His song titled “The Weight” tells about Shawn’s ex-girlfriend who cheated on him.
His favorite season is autumn, because according to him autumn is the most beautiful season.
Shawn said the only thing he liked more than muffins was his fans.
His favorite super-hero is Spider-man.
The healthy food that Shawn ate was chicken, rice, and some vegetables.
Shawn doesn’t like horror films so much.
Shawn likes Spanish, because he thinks Spanish is beautiful. He also began to learn Spanish, one of the ways is through the Duolingo application.
Shawn wants to take a woman to an Italian restaurant.
Shawn signed a contract with Island Records on June 4, 2014.
Shawn’s favorite lesson at school is history.
Shawn would really like it if he collaborated with Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Justin Bieber, and Logic.
Shawn wants to keep a dog but unfortunately he has an allergy.
Shawn eats three times faster than other normal people.

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