Twenty One Pilots: Two People Lead Hip-Hop Industry

It has been established since 2009, you can say Twenty One Pilots is a band that is really a band, not a boy band. When the world began to head for the boy band to make a profit, Twenty One Pilots actually remained conventional with their band concept. The flow of indie-pop music and alternative hip-hop makes this one band can be said to be unique and managed to survive in the world music scene until now. Maybe you don’t know the name, but you definitely know an album called Blurryface right? Yep, this album became number one on the Billboard 200 chart on May 18 last year. Very cool right?

Still curious about them? First read the reasons below why you should like Twenty One Pilots.

Its Unique Band Composition With Only Two Members

Two members named Tyer Joseph and Josh Dun. Actually their composition is unique, because Tyler is the lead singer and Josh is the Drummer. Only bands with drummers and singers can survive? Really can. They also have a fashion style that is crazy and out of the box, sometimes you can’t even get to know their faces because Josh changes hair color so often.

For those of you who like to change your hair color, Josh is your role model

Josh the drummer is a person who changes his hair color very often. Sometimes in a very short time this guy has changed hair color again, and Josh’s hair color choices are always excited and make him more shining on the stage with a spectrum of red, pink, purple, and others.

An Exciting Hip-Hop Alternative for You

Besides having a cool member, of course this song from Twenty One Pilots is cool. It’s been in the music world since 2009 to make this band quite productive. Their first album was released in 2009, the second album titled Regional at Best was released in 2011, the third album was getting cooler because they were finally looked at by the label and released in 2012. Then the last one, Blurryface, was the album that made them climb in the world fame and released in May last year.

Oh yes, they have also toured with world musicians such as Fall Out Boy, Urbaners. Very cool right? Still doubt you like Twenty One Pilots?

A matter of two more detailed members

In a press conference in St. Louis recently, the Twenty One Pilots duo finally answered why for almost a decade of their career they only appeared together.

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Joseph answered the question clearly.

“Bands that only contain two personnel are easier logistically. This has remained factual until now, but even more so at the beginning of our careers. When someone is late coming to training we don’t need to coordinate much, ”said Tyer Joseph.

“I always talk about negative things, or like, a lot of bands gather before performing to ignite each other’s spirits, but we just hug because we’re just the two of us.”

“Some other important things are we don’t want to feel too comfortable on the stage. We never want to feel, ‘Oh, this is easy, we’ve done this before’. Adding personnel will feel like we’re completing the challenge. ”

But the duo popular with the hit “Stressed Out” admitted that it did not rule out the possibility of adding more personnel.

“We can indeed bring out each other’s best abilities by appearing alone together, but the addition of the formula can also feel magical. I will never rule out the addition of personnel, but for now we like this challenge, “Joseph explained.

Before drummer Josh Dun joined, the Twenty One Pilots formation was filled by two other people, namely Nick Thomas (guitar) and Chris Salih (drums). The band’s formation just became a duo during the cultivation of the Regional at Best album in 2011.

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