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In December 2016, Camila Cabello surprised her fans by announcing the resignation of the group that raised its name, Fifth Harmony. Who would have thought, his decision to sing solo made his music career better. Find out more about the life struggle of Camila Cabello in this profile and biodata article.

Starting a career in the entertainment world is not easy, you not only need skills, but also hard work and luck. In terms of chasing dreams, Camila Cabello is one young star who never gives up. Check out the story and struggle of Camila Cabello in this profile and biodata.

Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao is a Cuban-Mexican singer and songwriter from the United States. He is a former member of the vocal group Fifth Harmony who came out in 2016.

Until May 2019, the woman who is familiarly called Kika has spawned a studio album titled Camila. Its flagship single, entitled Havana has topped the charts in several countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, and many more.

The genre that is carried by Kika is quite diverse, ranging from pop, dance, reggaeton, to RnB. In his works, he also included musical elements and salsa instruments. In the second single, he even sang a pop ballad so that it got praise from Newsday Album Review because his voice is capable of changing characters.

In this profile and biodata we will discuss career paths, childhood, and the reasons why Camila Cabello came out of fifth harmony. Instead of you getting more curious, consider the story in the following article.

Before discussing his musical career, let’s look first at Camila Cabello’s childhood in this biodata and profile article. That way, you might know who the musicians who inspired him.

Camila Cabello Family

Camila is the first child of the couple Alejandro Cabello and Sinuhe Estrabao. He was born in Cojimar, Cuba, on March 3, 1997 and spent his childhood in Havana. At that time, his father was a Mexican citizen while his mother was a Cuban.

Therefore, during his childhood Kika and his mother often paced from Cuba to Mexico. When he was five years old, the two of them finally moved to Miami, Florida. Kika and her mother gained United States citizenship in 2008, while her father only gained citizenship in 2009.

Living in Cuba and Mexico since childhood, Camila did not have the chance to learn English, and neither did her mother. Camila said in an interview, “If I think about it, it was a crazy moment. We moved to a country where we only knew how to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’. ”

Before moving to the United States, his mother worked as an architect in Cuba. Unfortunately, because he could not speak English, he could not get a job according to his ability. This also happened to his father who moved to the United States one year later.

Sinuhe also worked as a shoe rack designer, while Alejandro worked as a car wash worker. In 2013, the two of them then opened a construction company. In terms of learning English, Alejandro and Sinuhe attended the course. Meanwhile, Camila claimed to learn English from television channels.

Camila has a younger sister named Sofia Cabello. Fortunately, the younger sister was born in the United States so that she has no difficulty in getting citizens like her.

Camila Cabello Music Inspiration

Did you know that this woman, initially did not aspire to be a singer. Who inspired him? Check out the full story in this Camila Cabello profile and biodata.

When Kika was still living in Havana, she claimed to often listen to songs from Latin American musicians. His favorite singers at the time were Celia Cruz and Alejandro Fernandez.

After moving to the United States, he began listening to English pop songs. In an interview he admitted that his favorite musicians were Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato.

As explained in the profile and biodata above, Camila Cabello initially did not speak English. He also admitted that initially the problem made him inferior. Because of that he didn’t join music extracurricular or sing in front of other people.

Until finally in 2010, he watched The X Factor’s talent search program and fell in love with One Direction. I was so crazy, he even had time to make and become a Twitter fandom admin from the British boy band. He also admitted that when Zayn Malik came out, he really cried hysterically.

Camila Cabello Professional Singing Career

In this profile and biodata, it has been explained that Camila Cabello is crazy about One Direction. This turned out to motivate him to take part in The X Factor United States. It’s time we discuss about his exciting career, see it through to the end, yes!

The X Factor Audition

One Direction really managed to inspire Kika. On his fifteenth birthday, he also asked permission from his mother to audition for The X Factor. After the request was granted by her mother, Kika then contacted the producer of the event to get an audition schedule.

The producer said, if he was willing to come to North Carolina he could be an alternative. In the video about his biodata, profile, and audition experience, he explained that the alternative was a backup participant who might not be audited.

But, at that time he did not care and still went to audition. While in North Carolina, Camila claimed to wait for two days without clarity.

It so happened that one of the judges, Simon Cowell, was visiting the waiting room at the time. In a report on Camila Cabello’s biodata and profile, he said, “I begged and even whined with everything I had.” Luckily Simon granted his wish.

Fifth Harmony

Like the story on the profile and biodata above, Camila Cabello whined to Simon Cowell to be allowed to audition. The request was granted. He also passed the audition stage, unfortunately in the second stage he was eliminated.

Simon was assisted by Demi Lovato and Britney Spears then decided to form a group of eliminated female singers. In addition to Camila, he recruited Ally Brooke, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, and Dinah Jane into the group which was later named Fifth Harmony.

This group won third place in The X Factor in 2012. After that competition, they were offered an album contract by record company owned by Simon Cowell.

Fifth Harmony began making and recording songs to upload to YouTube. They also collaborated with cover musicians, Boyce Avenue. Some of their hit projects that cover hits are Justin Timberlake’s Mirror and When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars.

When Camila was still in the group, Fifth Harmony spawned two albums titled Reflection and 27/7. Besides these two albums, Camila was also involved in several collaborative projects as a solo singer.

The first collaboration song is I Know What You Did Last Summer with Shawn Mendes. After that, he collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly and released Bad Things in 2016.

Get out of Fifth Harmony

As mentioned in the profile and biodata earlier, Camila Cabello was involved in a collaborative project without her group. This could make fans speculate that there is a split in Fifth Harmony.

The allegations were reinforced when members of Fifth Harmony negotiated with a label about a new contract at the end of 2015. Camila was the only member who was not involved in the negotiations. Apparently at that time, he was no longer a manager with his colleagues.

Camila’s announcement of her release appeared on social media in December 2016. It is not clear whether Kika resigned or was fired from her group.

Kika only explained, “I’m tired of singing other people’s songs and want to write my own songs. The way we (worked) so far might work for the group, but not for me. ”

This was said by Normani, “For several years we always tried to talk nicely with Karla. He wanted to write his own album, but at the same time Fifth Harmony was also making an album. He wants to do both at the same time but we are not sure he will be optimal. ”

Collaboration Project

Although she has left the vocal group that has raised her name, the singing career of this Cuban woman does not necessarily deteriorate. Check out Camila Cabello’s solo career in this profile and biodata.

After leaving the vocal group that raised her name, Kika began writing songs for her own album project. While writing songs, he was also involved in a collaborative project with other musicians. He also lined up as the opening singer on 24K tour owned by Bruno Mars.

In addition to being the opening singer, Kika collaborated with a Norwegian DJ, Cashmere Cat, and released a song called Love Incredible. Unfortunately, a month before the official release in February 2017, the song was hijacked and spread on the internet.

In March 2017 he collaborated with Pitbull on a song called Hey Ma for the soundtrack album The Fate of the Furious. This song was released in two versions, English and Spanish.

Camila Cabello (2018)

Before reading this biodata and profile, did you know that Camila Cabello’s first self-titled album was originally titled The Hurting The Healing The Loving? This was revealed in May 2017 when releasing Hey Ma. He also announced that the album will be released in December 2017.

In writing the song lyrics for this debut album, Kika got help from several famous musicians. Among them Ed Sheeran, Sia, Benny Blanco, and Ryan Tedder. Meanwhile, for music arrangements, he got a lot of help from Happy Perez, Frank Dukes, and Cashmere Cat.

His first single, titled Crying in the Club, was released on May 19, 2017. Lyrics of Crying in the Club is the work of Sia. Even so, Camila also helped write several sections.

The song was sung by Kika for the first time at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Crying in the Club received a pretty good response from music lovers and managed to get a platinum certificate in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

After Crying in the Club, in August 2017 Camila Cabello released their second single, Havana. In making this song, he took the United States rapper, Young Thug, to collaborate.

This song was successful in the market and won Favorite Pop Song, Best Video, and Collaboration of the Year at the American Music Awards. Because of the explosion of this single on the market, Kika’s album release schedule has to be postponed. Because, the label rearranged the order of the song because they feel this song is more suitable to be the main single.

In January 2018, finally Camila Cabello’s first album was released to the market. On the self-titled album, he not only changed the original title but also re-released Havana as the mainstay single.

This album received a fairly good response from fans and also music critics. Camila managed to get platinum in the United States, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada. In addition, thanks to his album, he was also named by Spotify as the artist whose song was most streamed in June 2018.


After reading the official statements of Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony on the profile and biodata before, you might feel that their separation took place in peace. In fact it wasn’t, even Fifth Harmony showed it when it was the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards.

In his stage act, Fifth Harmony appeared with one person wearing a hood. Shortly before starting to sing, the member who used the hood jumped out of the stage. As if the person was thrown by another member.

Although Fifth Harmony did not provide any information, the fans felt it was a form of teasing on Camila. The appearance also raised suspicions of a fight before the two sides separated.

In a talk show, Camila admitted that she was sad while watching the stage action of her former colleagues. He said, “I’m upset and can’t help thinking, even though I’ve already moved on from the problem with them.”

Are You Satisfied Reading the Profile and Biodata of Camila Cabello Above?

Such is the profile, biodata and career path of Camila Cabello which we have summarized. Hopefully you can reap positive values ​​after reading the story of his struggle to become a professional singer. Don’t forget to comment!

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