Britney Spears and Story Behind #FreeBritney

Singer Britney Spears has completed an intensive 30-day psychological treatment program. If all goes ‘normal’, she does not need to go back and forth to the hospital in a short time to check the condition to the psychiatrist who had handled it.

Spears’ exit from the hospital was celebrated by a number of fans who were holding a #FreeBritney demonstration on Monday April 22 at City Hall, Hollywood, Los Angeles. The fans who feel concerned about the condition of the idol do not want to see the movements of Spears continue to be arranged by others.

However, they must accept that fact. Since 2008, the Chicago court ruled that Spears must always be under the supervision of (conservatorship). The woman was considered unable to manage personal income and failed to maintain mental health. As a result, all Spears’ actions must be monitored and approved by Samuel D.Ingham’s lawyer and her father, Jamie Spears. The lawyer was tasked with ensuring the legality of Spears’ various work contracts, while Jamie was responsible for the health and activities of her son.


Spears was deemed necessary to be monitored after being proven to have a mental disorder, consuming various types of illegal drugs and excessive alcohol, and was repeatedly rushed to the hospital due to a worsening psychological condition.

On the one hand, the fans feel the 37-year-old singer needs to be given a space of freedom. They believe their idols are able to undergo various roles in life well provided they are given the opportunity. Some fans even thought the supervisors often took advantage of Spears’ condition.

As an illustration, during 10 years overseeing Spears, Ingham earned a total of $ 2 million. While Jamie’s income as a supervisor is $ 130,000 per year — not including the cost of replacing the supervisor’s office rent. Spears father also took 1.5% profit from the income of each of his children’s concerts.

Inspectors are also responsible for ‘maintaining privacy’ for Spears, including maintaining exclusivity by setting high tariffs for media who want to photograph or interview Spears. A single photo and interview fee can be set at millions of dollars.

Until now, Spears still has a high selling point. The concert which was supposed to be held this year is expected to generate revenues of around $ 500,000. According to the Huffington Post that number is still higher than the singer Celine Dion’s concert.

The prediction is just a wishful thinking. Earlier this year Spears announced the cancellation of the concert because it took time for herself and took care of James who was seriously ill. After the news circulated, Spears rarely appeared in the mass media. Fans were suspicious. They speculate Spears is undergoing psychological treatment.

Fan suspicion is not entirely wrong. In early April 2019, a number of Spears’ close relatives were relieved that Spears was willing to undergo a mental treatment program. The media later reported that Spears was depressed because his father had a chronic illness.

Other news emerged from comedians Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, a podcast host titled Britney Gram. In one of the episodes, they presented a secret source who mentioned that Spears failed to perform a concert because she was found to stop taking drugs during a live rehearsal. Spears behavior is said to make the father cancel the event.

If it were true that the burden of Spears’ thoughts had increased, the biggest thing that might have caused it was not his father’s illness but her failure to act according to personal will – something she had not had since childhood.

Spears was born to an alcoholic father who worked as a contractor and a mother who was a teacher. The Spears family is classified as a middle class family that lives barely in the US. Conditions became even more difficult when Jamie declared his business to go bankrupt, so Lynn, Spears’ mother, turned the child into a ‘money machine’ by including her in various television program auditions. Since then, Spears’ road to celebrity has opened.

In “The Tragedy of Britney Spears” (2008) Rolling Stone journalist, Vanessa Grigoriardis mentions that at the age of three Spears joined in a choir, dance class, and gym class. At the age of six, she won the Miss Talent Central States. At the age of eight, Lynn took Spears to Atlanta to audition for Mickey Mouse Club, an event that debuted Spears as a television star. In January 1999, he launched Baby One More Time and began to become an idol. The first two albums sold more than 39 million copies.

Through The Exile of Britney Spears (2011), Christopher R. Smit said that Spears’ income from 1999-2008 could reach $ 120 million per year. The income that can be obtained from the tour is around $ 150 million. If calculated, the income of Spears per month around $ 737,000.

“Over time, Spears gradually lost confidence. Every time she performed in front of tens of thousands of spectators, he cried and felt herself bad. At that time people began to offer her to drink and use illegal drugs. She welcomed the offers because she thought it would make her happy. If he grows up to be someone who likes parties, drugs, and alcohol, it is because her management makes her act that way, “said Darrin Henson, the choreographer of Spears’ video clip.

The loss of Spears’ confidence occurred before she was stepping on two heads. At that time the figure that made her calm was her former lover, Justin Timberlake. Unfortunately, their relationship foundered because Spears was caught sleeping with a friend Timberlake. Spears condition at that time worsened because of the breakup event close to his parents’ divorce.

Spears also felt tired and tried to find love from other men to heal the wounds of the heart.

“Nobody approached Spears and said‘ calm yourself and do counseling, “said the former Spears assistant.

As a result, Spears is looking for men wherever she is, including at night clubs. She dated, married, divorced, searched again, and so on. All that she did in an unstable mental state. Spears’ parents got out of hand and enjoyed the money from their children’s efforts. Because of that, Spears did not intend to get back close to her parents and siblings.

The situation worsened when she was stricken with postpartum depression. A few years later she was worse off after losing custody of her two children post-engagement with her husband, Kevin Federline.

Since then began to do crazy things like driving a car two days non-stop, sleep in the parking lot, until had her head shaved.

But Spears is always trying to re-exist as a singer. And people still think of Spears as a famous star even though she’s not very productive in releasing songs.

For business people, the life conflict of Spears is merchandise.

Last year, Kenzo’s premium fashion label made Spears the main model and brand ambassador. Kenzo’s Creative Director, Humberto Leon, considers Spears as the right person to represent the nostalgic theme of the 1990s that she raised in a fashion collection. On the other hand, not a few who see Spears as a bad-looking celebrity. Spears ‘selling points’ even made Leon not care about the risk of changing Kenzo’s image in the eyes of consumers.

Spears never paid great attention to the money she made. She did not want to be famous and just wanted to be a mother. But until now her role as a mother is still limited. Spears has no power over all the money she makes. To buy even a cup of Starbucks coffee, she must report to her supervisor.

“As long as she can still make a lot of money and as long as these inspectors are paid, Spears’ chance to end this cycle is fairly small,” Elaine Renoire, President of the National Association for Stop Guardian Abuse told the New York Times.


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