‘Thank U, Next’ – Ariana’s Expressions for Her Ex-Lovers

Soloist from the United States, Ariana Grande managed to print new history throughout her career. Through a single entitled ‘Thank U, Next’ brought Ariana to be the first woman to successfully break the Billboard charts no.1 on the Hot 100 on the first day of the song’s release.

Ariana’s struggle in the world of singing began in 2011 with the background song Music from Victorious. In 2013, she released her first studio album ‘Yours Truly’ which topped the Billboard 200 United States (US). The album’s main song titled ‘The Way’ debuted in the top 10 Billboard Hot 100.

Ariana’s second studio album titled ‘My Everything’ is at number one in the US and is in the top 10 of 24 countries with the main single titled Problem. This single made it to the Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 for 34 weeks in 2014.

In 2016, Ariana released her third album entitled ‘Dangerous Woman’ which was at number two Billboard. These achievements made Ariana became the first person on this charts to have major singles on the first three albums which debuted less than 10th position in the US.

Ariana’s achievements in the music world are undoubtedly from the beginning of her debut, but unfortunately Ariana’s romance is not as bright as the achievements she achieved. After breaking up with Pete Davinson and returning the engagement ring to Pete, Ariana recently released the song ‘Thank U, Next’ which gave messages to her ex-lovers.

The song holds a million stories about her life story. For those of you who are curious about the facts of the song Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande, this time we have compiled some facts from various sources.

    1. Ariana mentioned the names of her former lovers.

In the song ‘Thank U, Next’ Ariana mentions the names of four ex-girlfriends from Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, the late Mac Miller, to his ex-fiancé Pete Davinson.
Following the verse lyrics, “thought I’d end up with Sean … But he wasn’t a match … Wrote some songs about Ricky … Now I listen and laugh … Even almost got married … And for Pete I’m so thankful … Wish I could say thank you to Bliss (Miller’s real name). ”

      1. The song ‘Thank U, Next’ has been played more than 55 million times in the United States and downloaded 81 thousand times in less than one week.

Nielsen Music noted that the song has been played more than 55 million times and downloaded more than 81 thousand times in less than a week.

        1. Her ex-boyfriend first heard the song before it was released.

Ariana confirmed that this song had indeed been heard by Sean and Ricky before it was released. This is known when fans ask that they heard the name of Ariana’s exes. Suddenly the tweet was replied by Ariana that her ex had heard this song before it was released.

          1. The song ‘Thank U, Next’ is the fastest song in history that can surpass 100 million streams in 11 days.

In her Instagram account, Ariana is happy that the song ‘Thank U, Next’ can reach 100 million streaming to her fans.

            1. The music video for the song ‘Thank U, Next’ defeats the achievement of a South Korean boy band, BTS.

Ariana’s music video is included in the trending video ranks on YouTube. Within 22 hours of being released, Ariana’s new song got 46 million viewers. The amount is greater than the achievement of a boy band from South Korea, BTS which earned 45.9 million viewers in 24 hours.

              1. This song reinforces Ariana’s attitude to move on from her former lovers.

Ariana claimed to have moved on and was ready to open a new page for her love story. In this song Ariana expresses her gratitude to the ex-lovers who loved her.

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