Justin Bieber and His Life Problem

Depression and all kinds of psychiatric disorders are susceptible to celebrities due to many factors, especially their popularity and busyness. Justin Bieber is one of the world’s celebrities who are currently struggling to overcome psychiatric disorders. Fame since childhood makes his personal life always in the spotlight and often full of controversy. Including when he decided to marry Hailey Baldwin.

Less than 24 hours on March 26 last, Justin gave a surprising statement on his Instagram account. The first statement questioned the hiatus plan of a temporary music career. The second statement he addressed the fans of Jelena, a term for fans of Justin and Selena Gomez. Both statements were equally stressed that at this time Bieber wanted to take a break from the frenetic world of celebrity and enjoy his new life with Hailey.

“I am focused on solving some of the problems that have taken root, so that I am not destroyed, can maintain marriage, and become a father as I crave,” so the statement he wrote in the first statement.

Justin then continued his writing with a splice about his teenage days filled with busy singing schedules and touring tours.

In the Rolling Stone website, Justin said he initially lived fame happily. However, over time the bustle increasingly took a large portion and control his life and eventually he only became a machine in the pop music industry.

Success since the age of 13 years, he did not have a chance to know yourself. There is no time to evaluate yourself and determine what he really wants. Justin grew up praising and puja many fans from all over the world who formed his personality to be arrogant, arrogant, but at the same time fragile.

Justin last released an album in 2015. Two years later, he ended the tour early because of “unpredictable conditions”. He realized that his condition was not very good on the last tour. There is no fun tour that fans crave and it happens because their emotional condition is unstable.

“Right now I’m focused on fixing some rooted problems. Music is very important to me, but my family and health are more important, “Justin continued in his Instagram photo description. He promised to immediately release a cool album for his fans.

Mental health problems experienced by Justin is not a new case. Previously, we have written a report about major depression which is commonly experienced by 9 percent of artists, entertainment workers, and writers. Major depression can be interpreted as feelings of sadness, confusion, unhappiness, or loneliness.

UK Musician Help agency report titled “Can Music Make You Sick?” (2016) also strengthens the suspicion of plural psychiatric disorders in workers in the music world. They surveyed 2,211 music workers. The result, as much as 71 percent of respondents said they had experienced panic attacks and / or high levels of anxiety.

Meanwhile, the condition of depression experienced by 69 percent of other respondents. This condition is triggered by many factors, including unstable pay, high work demands, minimal appreciation of work, to issues related to gender: sexism, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Another study by Donna Rockwell and David C. Giles in a study entitled “Being a Celebrity: A Phenomenology of Fame” (2009) called fame to make psychological conditions change. Of the 15 celebrities he interviewed, he concluded the four phases that celebrities will go through in their lives.

First, the phase of love and hate. This phase is the starting point of popularity, when celebrities receive a lot of adoration and attention from fans. On the one hand, they feel elevated, but on the other hand there is no room for them to enjoy their own time.

The second phase is addiction. There are times when after getting fame, they find it hard to let go of their new life. The next phase is acceptance, and finally, adaptation.

Justin’s second statement was uploaded in the form of Instastory. In contrast to the first statement that focused on his career, Justin is now open voice about his personal life with Hailey. The young man, born on March 1, 1994, married Hailey in September 2018 in a courthouse in New York, only a few months after it was rumored that he broke up with Selena.

In the upload, screenshots of his comments appear to a Jelena fan account. The account says that Justin never really loved Hailey. Justin is said to have married Hailey only to get revenge on Selena. Since reportedly close and married Hailey, this couple did harvest blasphemy. Justin is often rumored to only be looking for an outlet, while Hailey is accused of targeting her husband’s property.

“You are illogical and should be ashamed. “I love Selena and she always has a place in my heart, but my wife is the best gift in my life,” he defended Hailey. “If you are not supportive, it means you are not my fan or not a good person.”

Not only Justin who must be disturbed by the interference of fans of his personal life. Celebrities usually have to give up their lives for public consumption. If it’s already famous, you could say you have almost no right to yourself.

Charles Figley, Ph.D., Director of the Psychosocial Stress Research Program at Florida State University, said this.

Reported by the Psychology Today page, Figley once distributed 200 questionnaires to top celebrities who were chosen randomly. Based on 51 questionnaires, he compiled a list of sources of stress for celebrities and their families.

There are ten major factors that cause celebrity stress, including the presence of the media, critics, letters of threat / terror, lack of privacy, feeling his life being monitored, worrying about his career plummeting, fear of being stalked, feeling insecure, obsessed fans, worrying about family and children’s lives their child.

“There is insecurity. They are very vulnerable to personal evaluations from others, “Figley said.

To minimize the effects of depression and other psychiatric disorders, Figley provides several solutions for celebrities. The solutions include dialogue with friends or therapists, increase access to security, have friends outside the celebrity circle, add protection to children and family, laugh as often as possible, get closer to God and religion. Finally, moving places of life. In the scope of his research, that means: leave from Los Angeles.

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