Kanye West and His Controversy

Kanye West spoke bluntly to director Steve MQueen about his greatest fear.

“I’m afraid I can’t be number one,” he said.

But West must make peace with his fear, because in reality he is indeed not number one. In the realm of music, his name still cannot be level with Dr. Dre, Tupaq, or The Notorious B.I.G. While in the financial realm, he is behind Drake or Jay-Z.

Even in fashion, Yeezy, her collaborative project with Adidas was not a best-selling sneakers. The name was still defeated by Nike, even by Air Jordan, Nike’s collaboration shoes with basketball player Michael Jordan who became an iconic sneakers universal.

And it seems that the way West reconciles with that fear, or it can also be an attempt to amuse himself, is to create a sensation through ideas and chatter that often makes the public frown.

A few days ago he said that the Sunday Service project will be performed at the 2018 Coachella music festival which starts on 12 April. This is a project that is somewhat mysterious. Some say this is an assembly program. The People website calls it, “… private religious event.” There are also allegations that West intends to become a priest and release a spiritual album.

West also banned his guests – most of whom are well-known celebrities – from leaking Sunday Service activities.

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, a little treats public curiosity by saying that there is no sermon at the Sunday Service. According to Cosmopolitan, the Sunday Service was attended by a number of colleagues near West. The highlight was watching the rapper sing – mostly West songs that sounded religious – in the accompaniment of kur.

Every Sunday, the event is held at a different location. Usually West chooses green landscapes such as hills or grass fields far from the city and flies guests by plane. He also thought about the concept of clothing that should be worn by guests in the event.

Last year, West had said that he wanted to create a new system in his musical career. Looks like he wants to emulate some musicians like Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift who have a personal management company. I don’t know whether Sunday Service is a gimmick of West’s new direction in music.

Apart from the Sunday Service and his musical career which seemed to have lost its way, the chatter about West today is more often dominated by his controversial jokes. One of them is what he said that Yeezy will be able to earn billions of dollars and will become a decacorn. The lifestyle magazine GQ then does a fact check to confirm the truth of West’s talk.

Cam Wolf, a GQ journalist, said that this was impossible because to reach the decacorn position, Yeezy needed to earn 3 billion dollars per year. This is difficult because this is eight percent of all Adidas businesses. Moreover Yezzy is not a mass product, but a product made exclusively.

Other talk that also makes his name abused is his comment about slavery of black people as an option. In an exclusive interview with The New York Times, West went back and forth asserting that his words at that time were purely in error.

Although in the music world West is no longer shining brightly, his name actually slowly soared in the realm of fashion. Last year, West released the latest collection of Yeezy. Its products remain in the realm of athleisure – sportswear or sporty clothing that can be used for daily activities even for formal events.

Actually there is nothing special about the design of the sports bra and jogging pants of the product. The thing that makes the collection special is the ad. First of all scattered portraits of Kardashian wearing the latest Yeezy collection. The photo is seen as a picture taken by paparazzi. But over time the public can realize that the photo is an advertisement when a number of celebrities use the same clothes and photographed accidentally with a similar background.

Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times called this marketing method a pretty brilliant move. Friedman also praised the concept of the KANYE WEST label fashion show which often seemed strange but fascinating. For example when West held a fashion show in an open park when the sun was hot. He placed hundreds of models standing motionless in the middle of the park and that made the fashion show seem quite artsy.

In various interviews, Kanye always claimed to be an artist or art producer because he had studied at an art school.

“I have visual power, I have communication skills. I want to have the power to make everything come to mind. Can anyone help me? How come investors don’t want to put their money into these different ideas? “He told McQueen.
In the realm of fashion some of these collaboration opportunities happened when West created a special collection for the labels Louis Vuitton and Maison Margiela.

Despite all the controversies and ups and downs of his career, Kanye has a favorite fan, even he made Kanye as God. The interview with a man who originated Yeezianity, a flow of faith inspired by West. The initiator, who declined to be named, considers Kanye as Yeezus, equal to God because he managed to take advantage of everything he had. He made Yeezianity feel bewitched after hearing West’s albums. He said the album gave him his own religious experience.

“Kanye is the most honest person, has a good moral standard, has integrity and is creative. He is God, “he said.

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