Taylor Swift’s Earnings in 2019 Reached $ 185 Million

Singer Taylor Swift became the highest-earning musician in Forbes magazine’s 2019 version. Reported by NME, Taylor Swift generated 185 million US dollars in pre-tax income from June 2018 to June 2019. Most of Taylor Swift’s revenue came from new record contracts, as well as a series of “Reputation” concert tours, which are considered the best-selling tour in US history. .

This is the second time in five years for Swift to top the list as the highest paid musician. The last time Swift won was in 2016 when his pre-tax income was 170 million US dollars.

In addition, other musicians on the list include Kanye West who came in second place after earning around 150 million US dollars, then followed by Ed Sheeran who came in third and was the highest ranked Briton with an estimated pre-tax income of 110 million US dollars.

There are nine new entries on the list, including boy group from South Korea BTS at number 15, and Ariana Grande at number 22 and Migos at number 40. Here are the top ten high-income musicians of the world in 2019.

  • Taylor Swift – $ 185 million
  • Kanye West – $ 150 million
  • Ed Sheeran – $ 110 million
  • The Eagles – $ 100 million
  • Elton John – $ 84 million
  • Jay-Z – $ 81 million
  • Beyonce – $ 81 million
  • Drake – $ 75 million
  • Diddy – $ 70 million
  • Metallica – $ 68.5 million

At the end of this year, Taylor Swift also reaped achievements. He was rewarded with five 2019 American Music Awards (AMA) awards. First, he won Artist of the Decade, second he was rewarded with Pop / Rock Favorite Album. The third won Favorite Music Video for “You Need to Calm Down”. Fourth Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Artist. In the most prestigious music award in America, Taylor defeated Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande for the category of Pop / Rock Favorite Album. For the award, Taylor officially holds the highest status of artist won the AMA trophy in a decade.

On the other hand, the 29-year-old singer is also categorized as the most female artist to get an AMA award with 29 wins. He was even able to shift the position of Michael Jackson who won 24 trophies, as reported by The Guardian. Not only AMA, Billboard has even given the “Woman of the Decade Award” to Taylor Swift. Swift will be the first woman to receive the award. The reason Billboard gave the award to Taylor Swift was because it was considered as one of the most successful singers of all time during the 2010s.

Throughout his musical career, Taylor Swift has gained many achievements, where his album was once ranked first on the Billboard 200 this decade. In addition, five Swift songs also topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts. On the other hand, he also held three tours around the world and two “Billboard Woman of the Year” awards. Swift was also seen as committed to protecting creative rights, music education, literacy programs, cancer research, disaster relief and the “Time’s Up” initiative.

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